Helpful Information

Only you can enter data for your Facebook friends who appear on ContactClick.

Apart from your friends' names and id's, ContactClick does not retrieve any further information from Facebook. There are two main reasons for this:

1. Only you have access to the information you input.

2. No extended permissions are required to run ContactClick and no private data is used.

Enterting Data
Click on a friend to bring up the data collection form. If a previously input record exists, it is displayed, along with the "edit" button.

If no data exists for a friend's contact information, none will be displayed and the "add" button appears.

Each data box is a separate form, so you can quickly add or edit the types of contact information used for each friend.

Displaying Data
The default view is the picture view that allows you to find friends, add or edit information.

The data view shows you all data for each friend.

The list view displays all your friends on one page.

Removing the Service
To remove your data, simply remove ContactClick from your Facebook profile's applications settings. Be aware that removing the ContactClick application will delete ALL your previously entered data.

Additional Help
Contact us if you have questions. Please understand that since the data we store is encrypted, we cannot provide assistance to users who have forgotten information, etc.

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