Terms of Service

The terms of service outlined herein form the agreement between the participating User (you) and Island Media, Ltd., represented herein as ContactClick.

These terms may be modified from time to time at the sole discretion of ContactClick.

The Service
ContactClick maintains a service that any Facebook user may use free of charge to organize his or her Facebook friends' contact information.

The User understands and agrees that under no circumstances shall ContactClick be held liable for any reason associated with the use of the ContactClick website, the ContactClick service, or through any associated services employed by ContactClick, such as email, web browsing, etc.

Technical support is limited since all identifcation information is encrypted and only available to the User during a website session.

Termination of Service
ContactClick reseves the right to terminate any account for any reason at its sole discretion.

The user may also delete the service by removing the application from the Facebook service.

Deletion of removed User data stored by ContactClick is pending notification to ContactClick through a callback provided by Facebook. ContactClick makes no warranty or assurance as to the timeliness or effectiveness of this process.

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